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A Pictures-Only Look at Lizette's Green Sock

Lizette's Green Sock

A Pictures-Only Look through the Book


Page                                                               Action/Activity


3                   Setting: Clear blue sky; looks like a nice day.  There are two characters, both birds. The larger, grown-up looking bird is reading a book in a lounge chair.  Smaller bird is smiling, walking.  Both birds are female, since they are wearing dresses.  Smaller bird is more like a child, wearing a scarf on her head.  Larger bird is more mother-like, wearing a scarf that is knotted at her forehead.

4                   Girl bird [hereafter, Bird] apparently finds a green sock; she is bending over and peering at it.  The sock has a white toe and stripe at band.

5                   Bird is walking again.  The sock is on her foot.  She has a smile on her face, and her body language is happy and confident.

6                   Bird meets two tabby cats.  Bird shows the sock, holding out her foot with the green sock on it, pointing at her foot.  The cats appear to be snickering, hands covering their mouths.

7                   Bird is sad.  Her brow is knit, her body language glum with no smile.  Her entire appearance is deflated, as if the joy has left her.  Even the flower in the background is bent over and wilted looking.

8-9               Bird is at the top of a tall tree.  Her right wing is over her eyes, in a gesture of looking into the distance, searching.  Perhaps she is searching for the other sock.

10-11           The Bird is lying on the bank of a pond or lake, beak and eyes below the surface of the water.  She sees a fish, and it appears to be talking to her.  Bird has apparently been searching high and low.

 12                Bird is walking back toward the house where she started.  We do not see her face, but her body language looks dejected, shoulders down.  Even the flowers in the picture are bowing their heads dejectedly.  She appears to be disappointed.

13                 The adult bird is holding her up to eye level.  Bird looks sad, and the adult appears to be trying to console her.

14                 The adult bird is washing the green sock in a washtub.  Bird stands nearby, hands/wing tips clasped fretfully behind her back.  She looks worried, as if she does not want the sock to be washed.

15                 Bird is sitting outside on the ground at the corner of the house, watching the sock.  She is sitting on her hands in anticipation.  The sock is hanging alone on the clothesline, apparently drying.  It must be drying slowly, because there is a snail in the foreground.

16-17           A mouse in a blue coat is talking to the girl, pointing at the sock and smiling.  The sock must be dry now, as the snail is moving and smiling happily.

18                 Mouse has put the sock on his head like a cap.  Bird is laughing heartily, hands clasped across her stomach.

19                 The two cats appear at the corner of the house, dangling a sock that is identical to the one on the mouse's head.  It must be the matching sock!

20-21           Bird and Mouse are running after the two cats.  One cat is laughing and waving the sock in a "you can't catch us" kind of gesture.  Bird and Mouse are smaller but there is a look of determination on their faces.

22-23           The two cats are close to the viewer.  In the background, Bird and Mouse are catching up.  One cat looks exhausted, his tongue hanging out.  The other cat has a sly look on his face as he drops the sock into the pond.

24-25           Bird and Mouse catch up to the cats.  We do not see Bird's and Mouse's faces, but they must be asking about the sock; their faces are raised toward the cats as if questioning.  One cat is shrugging in an "I don't know" gesture, while the other cat has turned the pockets of his coat inside out, showing that he/she does not have the sock.  Meanwhile, the fish is swimming toward the sock, which is out of view of Bird and Mouse.

26                 The cats look smug.  Bird and Mouse head toward the house.  It is getting dark; the sky is filled with the orange light of the setting sun.

27                 Both Bird and Mouse look sad as they walk back, talking as they go.

28                 In the house, the adult bird is smiling.  She is holding a green sock (with white toe and stripe) out for Bird and Mouse to see.  She looks pleased and happy.  The Girl Bird is clasping her hands as if saying, "Great!"  Mouse is smiling happily.  Two balls of yarn (green and white) rest on a chair in the background.  The adult bird has apparently knitted a sock.

29                 Now Bird has the new green sock on her head, like a cap.  Mouse is laughing.

30                 It is bedtime.  Adult bird is tucking Bird into bed, patting her sock/cap.  It appears that she is going to sleep with the sock/cap on her head.

31                 Mouse is already asleep, green sock/cap on his head.  He has a happy smile on his face.

32                 In the water, the fish is also asleep, smiling happily.  Fish is snugly tucked away into a green sock, just like a sleeping bag.


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